Start By Selecting Your Stream

I want to nominate a foreign national

The Employer Driven Stream of the NTNP may be used by an Employer when there are no qualified Canadians or Permanent Residents available to fill a position. Employers are the ones responsible for submitting the application to nominate an eligible Foreign National that they would like to retain permanently.

I am a bilingual (French/English) foreign national with an NWT job offer

The Francophone Stream allows qualified foreign nationals, who speak both French and English and have a valid job offer from an NWT Employer, to apply to the NTNP.

I want to start, purchase or invest in a business in NWT

The Business Stream of the NTNP is designed to attract Foreign Nationals with business expertise and investment capital to settle in NWT and enhance the economic environment of the territory by starting a new business, purchasing or investing in an existing one.